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B and W Mobility manufacture high specification battery chargers and power supplies for most brands of mobility equipment.  Custom built chargers can be made to replace obsolete or difficult to obtain units.  We design and build charging equipment for a variety of manufacturers and could easily have the charger you require in stock.  Our prodution facilities can handle orders ranging fom a single charger to many hundreds, or even thousands of units made to identical specification, for bulk orders please telephone Nigel Blackburn for a free "No obligation" quotation.


On Board charger
available as Single or Dual Voltage
in 4, 6 or 8 Amp

(as fitted to Electric Mobility, Pride and Invacare
wheel chairs and scooters)


Free Standing Battery Charger NE166 230V/24V
NE166 is a state of the art Electronic Power Supply/Charger
for use with batteries having a nominal voltage of 24V
and a capacity of no less than 25Ah

NE166 uses a unique algorithm which makes it possible
to significantly reduce charging time and at the same
avoid any permanent damage to your batteries


BandW Mobility battery chargers
are available in single or dual
voltage, on board or free
standing and with capacities
up to 15 amps



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